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Concrete Services

smpolishedconcrete2At Wizzard we also do grinding and sealing of concrete floors.
We can polish your concrete as well and give it a modern trendy look.
The floor sealer used is by Nuplex Industries in Auckland and gives concrete a natural low gloss finish that enhances colour and protects the floor from scuff marks.
The sealer improves colour effects in concrete and will improve the look of coloured concrete also.
It makes cleaning easy and reduces the incident of mold growth by eliminating moisture ingress into the floor.

We have sealers to suit all types of concrete floors, chemical resistant, food preparation surfaces and much more.

Contact Peter to discuss your needs today

Peter sanded back and revarnished our floors for us at NKB Gallery . Peter made an amazing job of our floor and we consider him to be completely trustworthy and he went out of his way over the weekend for us to not interrupt business hours. Peter was completely professional  and obliging at all times.
I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who wishes to use his services.

РNgaire Beckman, Nkb  09 623 1464